Teaching activities

Year 2017-2018

Mathematics 1 (combined lectures and problem sessions) for L1 (first-year) students

Mathematics for Biology and Geology (combined lectures and problem sessions) for L1 (first-year) students

Years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

Topology and Differential Calculus (problem sessions) for L3 (third-year) students

Discrete probabilities (practical works) for L2 (second-year) students

Links to some webpages that I like

A visual introduction to probability and statistics.

Vector fields in the plane.

The wonderful "Essence of Linear Algebra" series by 3blue1brown

The no less wonderful "Essence of calculus" series, also by 3blue1brown

One more great YouTube channel: PBS Infinite Series

A nice intro to complex numbers on the channel Welch Labs.

This essential guide to mathematic proof.

XKCD et un exemple:

Vulgarization activies

I helped to animate the mathematics stand during the Science fair in October 2017.

I participated to the Math en Jeans activities in middle schools Aristide Briand (in Nantes) and Paul Langevin (in Couëron) during the year 2015-2016.